Be Sure to Make a Double Measure, Because Everyone at the Table Will Be Asking for More

If you’re searching for a delicious new cake recipe that will make everyone swoon at your next dinner party, then check out this “Better than Sex Cake”. Whether you need a holiday cake, a birthday cake, or a cake to share with coffee and tea, this chocolate cake recipe is bound to please. Imagine layers of flavour, starting with the fluffy chocolate cake, then you poke holes all over it with the end of a spoon and fill them with condensed milk, then you drizzle caramel sauce on top, then you pour whipped cream on top of that – and then, just when you don’t think you can handle anymore, you drizzle the remaining caramel sauce atop the whipped cream. Finally, you sprinkle Heath candies everywhere! Now, and only now, your cake of wonder is complete!

This cake recipe calls for one box of cake mix, but if you have the time you can also make your cake from scratch as it can taste so much better that way. It all depends on what you need – convenience or quality. These days, however, you can find lots of cake mixes that are organic, vegan, wheat-free, or all of the above, so if you have specific dietary needs, you can always find the option that suits you and your family best. No matter what you choose, it will be delicious. Chocolate cake is so addictive, it’s easy to understand why it’s been around for a long time. There must be something in the human DNA by now that causes a predisposition for the love of chocolate cake. According to food scholars, the origin of chocolate cake can be traced back to an exact date in 1764. That’s when Dr. James Baker ground cocoa beans in a mill for the first time and the resulting powder became the first chocolate. It wasn’t long before this extravagant, delicious, and much sought-after cocoa powder was being added to cake batter as well as just about any other dessert recipe of the time.

As for the icing, there’s nothing like caramel, whipped cream, and candies to top off a cake that is already pretty tasty. These are not just any candies, however, they are Heath Candies, which come with their own particular brand of flavour. Heath candies are bits of layered toffee, milk chocolate, and almond pieces, all encapsulated in a candy shell. They are derived from the original Heath Bars which were first invented in 1914 by L.S. Heath, later marketed by Leaf, Incorporated, and after 1996, Hershey. As these chocolate bars became so popular, Hershey decided to put out bags of “Heath Pieces”, which make the best sprinkles for cakes and all manner of dessert dishes, but they can also be eaten in handfuls all on their own! There is a fascinating trend these days towards something called “Morselization”, which is “morselizing” or simply taking our favourite treats, turning them into bite-sized bits and pieces, and packaging them altogether in a single bag rather than wrapping them individually. Hershey had already done this with their Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups by turning them into “Reese’s Pieces” in 1978, and they were such a success, they thought they’d do it with Heath Bars as well.

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