Beautiful Broken Pot Fairy Garden

Things break, it happens, but instead of just throwing them away, maybe you can repurpose them into something really cool. That's where this beautiful broken pot fairy garden diy comes in. Out in the garden, you can be as careful as can be, but planters and pots still get broken sometimes. You drop them on accident, or your child or the cat or dog knocks them over while their out playing in the yard. Not to worry though, you can always buy a new one for your plant, and you can learn ways to recycle the broken pot too. Instead of just throwing the waste materials out in the garbage, you can make fun diy ideas like this one with the leftover pieces. Great news for anyone who loves diy ideas and crafting, or anyone who would rather recycle items than throw them away. Usually when you break a clay planter, it will kind of just break away at one side, leaving a space. It's best if the bottom of the pot is intact, but if it isn't, just use the remaining pieces in a garden plot either in the ground or a raised bed to decorate it.

All you need for this tutorial is the waste materials from the broken pot, some soil, plants of your choosing, some little marbles or beads for decoration and any cute little fairy accessories you can find. There are all sorts of fairy furniture and accessories you can purchase or even make yourself. You can definitely find these items online and order them to your home, or check your local dollar stores, thrift stores, garden stores and craft stores. There are full furniture sets you can buy online for fairies, and even little houses and buildings. It's said that fairies live in nature and come out to enjoy the garden mainly in the night time when everyone is asleep. Giving them special items and planting colourful plants is a way to attract ferries into the garden and even if you don't believe in ferries, pass on this fun information to a little one in your life and they will just love it. In fact this could be one of the diy ideas you create together with your child or another child in your life. They would have a blast picking out all of the little plants and accessories to decorate their fairy garden with.

When you've gathered all of the materials you want and need, start filling your pot with soil. It may take some effort to keep it in, since one of the sides is missing, but just keep packing it into the pot. Add in some small plants, and space them out evenly so they have some room to grow. You can even place a plant planted within a smaller pot in your larger pot for that tiered effect. Place the broken pieces of the pot in as well to create different layers of the garden. They even took some of the broken pieces and glued some colourful marbles to make fairy steps leading up to the top. Place some fairy furniture in to finish it off and you have yourself a little fairy garden that no fairy will be able to resist. This is one of the ways to recycle your broken pots and give them a new life, another way to recycle your broken pottery and ceramics is so decorate patio table tops with them in a mosaic style. You can also make cute stepping stones out of broken pottery and ceramics, adding some colourful marbles and beads in for some pops of colour.***

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