Beautiful Winter Wonderland Cabin from McCall Log Home

If you are interested in building a log cabin of your very own, why not rent a few different ones first to test the waters? Visit this beautiful winter wonderland cabin in McCall for a taste of log house living. Building a log cabin can be a lot of work, not to mention a lot of money as well. But what if before making your investment, you could hold off and rent out a few different log houses and cabins before selecting one you will build? Located in McCall, Idaho, this log cabin in nature will really give you a good idea of what it might be like to have a cabin of your own. This log house belongs to Cher Sandmire, who rents the entire house out to tourists who want to visit the region. This is a new custom built log house that is 1800 square feet in total. It has 2 bedrooms, a master suite on the upper level with it's own private deck and another bedroom with a queen sized bed. There's also a sofa bed in the living room for additional guests so everyone may be nice and comfortable during their stay. The king bed in the master suite is amazing, crafted out of wood with a very unique design and there is a beautiful claw foot tub in the master bathroom too. Imagine taking nice, warm baths while looking outside at the beautiful surrounding vistas.

There are vaulted ceilings throughout the log house, which is always a great feature to include on any log homes floor plan when designing a log house or cabin. When you're thinking about log home building, creating your floor plan is the first step of the journey to building a log cabin or home. Primarily, you need to know how many square feet you will be content having. The amount of square footage you'll need will differ depending on if you are using the log house for full time use, or for recreational use. Using your log house as a permanent residence will mean considering your family's daily routine and figuring out what log home building plan will work the best to accommodate your needs. Going bigger is always an option, but this also means spending more money as well. When you're building a log cabin for recreational use, chances are you'll be building it smaller than your full time house. You may even include a loft area with a few beds in it to house extra guests that come to visit.

The whole log house you see here can be rented for only around $200 per night, which is a great deal when you consider how much space you'll be getting. That's similar to the price of staying in a hotel room and unlike staying in a hotel, with this log house rental, you have access to gorgeous surroundings in a very peaceful and serene environment. Everything you will need and more is provided in this log house rental, giving you the true log home experience. Staying in this rental could bring your dream of building a log cabin or home closer to being a reality, since you'll most likely leave feeling really inspired to have one of your very own. Enjoy looking through the photos provided by log home owner Cher Sandmire, who is happy to answer any questions through the rental's Facebook page you can access through the link. Log houses are always a great investment and a legacy to pass down to younger family members to enjoy for many years to come. Book your stay soon and enjoy a real, authentic log home.***

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