Beautiful Wood Pallet Deck for So Cheap!

If you want your front porch redesigned with a brand new pathway, this article is definitely something you should bookmark or save. You can turn the entrance of your porch into something really appealing with the use of some pallets. As all DIY projects and building projects, the planning phase is the most crucial part to make sure that your project turns out as you are hoping. For some of us, tearing things apart first seems like the easiest solution, but what a mess if you are not ready with your material and your plan. The planning phase will help to ensure that you do not have to work twice as hard to complete your project.

Once you have an idea of your final design goals, you will need to figure out just how to put these wooden pallets together. If you love to solve puzzles and be creative, then you may enjoy this little logic project. The pallet deck in this picture fits together in a very specific pattern which you can choose to follow or try something new. A tip from the experts to try to find pallets that are all the exact same size so that you do not have to make any cuts to bring them to the same size. This will dramatically speed up your project.

Give it a test run (without screws) to see if they fit together and with enough overall surface area.

Another tip from the builders is to pre-drill the places where you will place a screw. This will make for a much easier job with a more beautiful finished look.

Once the deck has been put together, you can stain the wood with whatever color will match the rest of your outdoors. In all likelihood this project will take you several days of work to finish if you are a newbie to building. For more instructions and step-by-step details, visit Redo Redux’s website below.

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