Beef and Potato Scramble Casserole

Oh we just love a dinner casserole, donít you? Especially if itís jam-packed with all kinds of good stuff like this recipe for Beef and Potato Scramble Casserole! This is the perfect crowd-pleaser for family gatherings and potlucks, and itís sure to feed a whole truckload of people!This hearty beef casserole is sure to fill your belly and many other bellies, too. Itís the perfect hot meal on a cold winter day, and itís also the perfect side dish for a summer barbeque Ė itís the potato casserole for all seasons, and you really just canít go wrong with it.

Letís talk a bit about the ingredients for this Beef and Potato Casserole. Obviously, it has beef in it, but what kind works best for this kind of dinner dish? Just your basic ground beef works best, but we highly recommend buying the leanest you can find Ė and going with organic meat, if at all possible. Weíre gonna need one and a half pounds of organic, lean ground beef for this scrumptious scramble!

The next main ingredient is of course our old-time favourite: potatoes. We adore potatoes! In fact, we think weíve talked about potatoes many times before, but we canít help it! Potatoes are the greatest staple food in the whole wide world, and thereís just so much you can do with them! You can serve them mashed, whipped, boiled, baked, fried, and roasted! You can stuff them or cut them up and throw them in soups, stews, and even salads. And, you can also add them to casseroles like this delicious beef potato cheese one!

Potatoes are an ancient food crop. Did you know they go as far back as the Incas of Peru? At least, thatís how far archaeologists have been able to trace them Ė but who knows, they could even go back much farther than that. Itís true, the people of whatís now Bolivia and Peru were the first to start planting potato crops! When the Spanish arrived, they tasted their first potatoes and really enjoyed them, so they thought it would be a great idea to take them back home. Thatís when potatoes found their way to Europe, where theyíve been ever since. As the story goes, however, the Europeans didnít take very kindly to potatoes Ė at least, not at first. They were suspicious and superstitious and didnít quite trust these strange food items that had come from so deep underground. Little by little, however, they did start to eat Ė and like Ė potatoes. And today, potatoes are the top food crop in the United States and the third greatest crop planted in the world. So, no wonder we all love potatoes so much! It was our parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents favourite food Ė and itís kept us alive for many generations now. It might not look like much, but we sure owe a lot to the very humble potato!

Now, back to this delicious beef, potato and cheese recipe! Did someone say cheese? Did you ever think of why we always say cheese to make us smile when someone takes a picture? Could it be that the very thought of yummy cheese brings a big smile to our lips? Everything, absolutely everything (except maybe ice cream) tastes so much better with cheese Ė and this beef potato scramble is loaded Ė we mean, totally loaded, with cheese!

What other delectable ingredients can we enjoy with our yummy beef casserole? Well, whatís a dish without a little spice? And what spice is better than a little bit of garlic, right? Especially when weíre talking about beef, potatoes and cheese! These favourite things just seem to go together. Oh, we canít wait to get started! One last thing about the Beef and Potato Scramble Casserole: it can be served at ANY meal at all, including breakfast! Enjoy!

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