Beef Barley Soup

With fall approaching you know it won't be long before you can start making more warming recipes such as soups, stews and casseroles. This "Beef Barley Soup," recipe sounds like the perfect dinner meal recipe for a rainy, or cool fall day. When the chilly autumn weather starts to roll in, and the leaves change colour and fall to the ground, we know we are in for a change of season. Usually this change in season also can mean a change in our diets, what we eat and also what we wear too. People look forward to the changing of the seasons, and sometimes people look forward to fall as much as they look forward to summer. There are so many great warming recipes that you can make in the fall time, that you don't really even think about eating in the hot summer months. These recipes, like this Beef Barley Soup, are things that we find comforting, as well as hearty and full of bulkier ingredients to fill you up!

This beef barley soup recipe is an easy recipe to do, using caned beef, if you can't find it you can use beef stew meat or a soup bone, but using the fresh meat is always the best. Some of the other ingredients you will find in this delicious warming soup include tomato juice, onion, carrots, potato, corn and pearl barley. Once the soup ingredients are prepared you'll want to simmer the soup for one hour, than another hour on a lower simmer for the best results. The creator of this recipe suggests trying the apple dumpling bake with this soup, as a dessert for after, for another perfect comfort food addition. You'll want to take a look at the site for full recipe details, and photos. Barley is a wonderful grain that has great nutritional value. It is the grain that has the most minerals and vitamins in it. And it is also a great source or dietary fibre. The grass that can be sprouted from these grains is also really beneficial for our health, and is great made into a juice!

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