Best Ever Cream Cheese Frosting!

In my opinion, it does not matter if it is a chocolate, carrot or zucchini cake...cream cheese frosting will very likely be a winner. Follow this link for the full recipe for Best Ever Cream Cheese Frosting from Spend with Pennies. It has such a special mixture of sweet and tangy, then I cannot help but choose it for just about every dessert. When I came across this delicious recipe from Spend with Pennies, I could not resist but trying it out. The recipe only requires a few basic ingredients and is very simple to whip up quickly and keep stored for several days of yummy desserts. One thing that I have always wondered about is cream cheese. Just how is it made and what makes it so darn special? First of all, cream cheese is a soft and fresh cheese that is very heavy in fat content. In terms of sensory evaluation and why we like foods that are fatty, it all comes down to a term called 'mouth feel'. Fat adds a richness to foods that we cannot get from the other macro-nutrients that make up all foods. When you are biting into a cake there is a lightness to the cake texture that is almost completely with the fatty richness of the frosting, and in this case the cream cheese frosting has that level of perfection that is hard to beat. If you are big into 'Do-it-yourself' style kitchen escapades, you can even experiment with making your own cream cheese from scratch. A basic method is to mix your cows milk with a starter culture, add heat and the let the mixture sit for several hours to cool down. Eventually the mixture gets separated and the thick creamy cheese portion can be used just like regular cream cheese.

Whether you make your own or buy a classic brand from the store, be sure to check out the delicious cream cheese frosting recipe from the 'Spend with Pennies' link below.

Learn MORE / Get RECIPE at Spend with Pennies

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