Best Way To Cut And Serve A Pineapple. Your Friends Will Be Impressed!

Love pineapple but don't love cutting it up? I am with you there! I always end up getting those pokey things still stuck in the fruit and they're not so fun to bite into really. I am always looking for new ways to cut up and present food, a large part of serving up food is all about presentation isn't it? So I was happy to watch this video from Dave Hax channel on You Tube.

As you'll see in the video, he has a super quick and easy way to slice the fruit making it very edible and look amazing too! The process seems really simple. Pineapple is so good for you too, packed with vitamin C and bromelain which make it a great fruit option for easing any inflammation in the body, such as when you have a cold. It also aids in digestion, boosts the immune system, supplies antioxidants, good source of thiamin, a B vitamin that helps in energy production. It is also apparently America's top choice of fruit after the banana. This beautiful way of cutting this nutrient dense fruit makes it more accessible for the whole family and fun too! It would be an awesome way to bring some healthier options to a family dinner or pot luck dinner, it would be sure to stand out and everyone would be asking you how in the world did you mange to cut it up like that?! So head on over to You Tube and try it out for yourself, even just for fun! You get fruit out of it anyway! Dave Hax channel on You Tube has a bunch of "life hacks" that make day to day life easier and more fun! Happy that he learned easier ways to do things and is now sharing them with us all!

Please watch the You Tube video below and Happy pineapple eating!

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