Best Way To Keep Greens Fresh? WHAT??!!

Have you ever wondered about the best way to keep greens fresh? No one likes to open the crisper drawer to find a plastic bag full of slimy, mushy green goo when you were hoping to find fresh salad greens. If this has ever happened to you then check out this excellent article from The Kitchn and you will always have fresh greens ready for your dinner salads.

Salad used to be a boring accompaniment to a meal that one had to suffer through to get to the good stuff. However, these days salads have taken on a whole new identity. A well-made salad can be the centerpiece of a meal instead of playing a supporting role. There are a wide range of micro greens on the market now with trendy new varieties popping up all the time. Calling them salad greens can be deceptive because not all of them are green nowadays. The popular Radicchio is actually a purple or reddish leafed plant also known as Italian Chicory. Endive is usually more yellow than green and has a unique scoop like shape that can make a fun edible bowl for appetizers. A number of lettuce varieties are unusual colors as well such as deep reds, purples and shades of blue green.

Another way to ensure a constant supply of fresh greens is to grow them yourself. Even if you live in an apartment, a window box can supply enough greens for at least a small daily salad. The “cut and come again” technique for baby salad greens helps to maintain a constant supply. With this concept, you are constantly cutting back sections of your greens then allowing the plants to grow back. But no matter how you get your greens, this helpful article about storing them for maximum freshness will be of interest to you.

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