Best Way To Remove Mold and Stains From Shower and Bathtub Caulking

You will want to see this cleaning tip for the Best Way To Remove Mold and Stains From Shower and Bathtub Caulking! The bathtub and shower caulking is one of the most common places for mold and stains to occur. Here is a simple cleaning tip to eliminate those unsightly stains for good. It's one household cleaning how to that you will be glad you took a look. If you've ever wondered how to properly clean a dirty bathtub, this is the cleaning tip you need. You will need some cotton coil. You can find this on Amazon, or at your local drugstore. This is just like a cotton ball that is in coil form. To start soak the cotton coil with some bleach in either a bowl or a pan. When the cotton coil is completely saturated with the bleach, you can take it out of the pan or bowl and place it along the caulking that has the mold or stains. Then use a Q-tip to push the bleach cotton coil into the caulking. Let the cotton coil sit overnight, and when you wake up in the morning you can use an old toothbrush to help you scrub away any mold or stains that are left. When all the mold and stains are removed from the caulking, you can take a cold pitcher or cup of water and thoroughly rinse the area where the cotton coil was used. This is the best cleaning tip ever! This cleaning tip will save you the time of having to remove all the caulking, scrubbing and then having to recaulk the whole bathtub.

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