Better Than Sex Cake Recipe

I know that just like me you are also confused about why is it called a better than sex cake recipe. OK, to answer all your questions let us consult Wikipedia. Better than sex cake is also known as ‘Better than Robert Redford cake’, it is a cake that is consist of a moist center, yellow cake mix, and a whipped cream covering the exterior. The cake’s moist center is classically created by inserting a fork into the cake a number of times and filling the holes with a blend of sugar and flavouring.

It is conventionally baked using a 13 x 9 x 2-inch pan and refrigerated for an hour and served cold. The fundamental recipe for the cake has been changed depending on the tastes of the person making the cake and swaps include chocolate, candy flavors, or banana. So you might ask, what is a devil’s food cake? It is a moist, airy, rich chocolate layer cake. It is measured as a complement to the white or yellow angel food cake. Because of inconsistent recipes and changing ingredient accessibility over the course of the twentieth century, it is tricky to exactly meet the criteria what distinguishes Devil's food from the more standard chocolate cake, though it conventionally has more chocolate than regular chocolate cake, making it darker.

This recipe was first introduced by Ashley, the author and photographer of CenterCutCook website. Ashley is in fact not a culinary trainer or even tackled any course regarding culinary. She just loved to experiment new things and fond of taking photos of her creation. CenterCutCook first started in December 2011, and her husband named Ryan was her number one food tester every time she got new recipes in mind. How about you? Are you ready to experiment this recipe too?

How about doing this Better Than Sex Cake Recipe. Oh! Your eyes are bulging when you read the “sex” part huh! *evil laugh* you know guys; a simple gesture of effort of doing this would be much more than diamonds. I swear! You can check this entire recipe via ‘Center Cut Cook’ website, or simply click the link below. Happy baking!

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