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There is something about log houses that we can't resist. For starters using wood is a beautiful and healthy option. Log houses look good, and you can feel good about living in one. If a log house is something that you are thinking about, you want to thoroughly research all options and make sure you go with quality log house building materials and a reputable log house builder. By using quality materials and builders you can trust, you will rest easy knowing that your log house construction is going to last.

There are several reasons for building a log home design or log cabin home kit from the appealing look of the homes to being one of the most environmentally friendly homes, to the thermal mass that log houses can provide. When you get your log house built by builders who are good at what they do, you can reap many benefits of these beautiful homes. Log houses made out of logs are known to be very energy efficient, and this has to do with the thermal mass of the wood. A log house design that is well-built is typically cool in the warmer summer months and warm in the colder winter months. This is one of the top reasons people love log houses so much, they not only look aesthetically pleasing but are comfortable to stay in.

There are other reasons that people think about building a log house, and that has to do with their being able to stand up to whatever nature throws at them. Over the years, there have been several stories of fires that have burnt around log houses without completely destroying the log house buildings structural integrity. This is huge piece of mind when it comes to choosing the type of home you will live in. Not only do you want your house to look good but you want it to be safe for you and your family. This just goes to show that log houses designs have a fire resistive nature because of the solid wood walls. It is this combination of both the insulating response of the charred wood at the surface of the log with the slow rate at which the flames will then spread on the logs surface combined with that there are no concealed cavities within a log wall through which fire can travel. So a log house building is an excellent fire blocker when it comes to home builds. When full logs are used for a log houses trusses, the roof beam's, and the veranda posts it can go a long way in making a log home a top choice for safety, endurance and fire resistance. As an organic building material, logs are combustible, and because of their insulating and charring characteristics, they produce an astounding resistance to fires. While logs begin to char at about 300 degrees Fahrenheit, the wood that is underneath the char remains structurally sound. So not only are log house designs aesthetically pleasing, and durable they are also one of the most weather resistants builds you can own.

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