Bird Watch: Build a Bird Feeder

Once I have a bird once --- “Aaw where is it now?” Well, OK, there could be two reasons why I said ‘once I have-‘: it’s either my bird flew away or died. To answer your question, my bird died! But I'm not going to talk about my dead bird, curl up like a fetus and cry. Instead, I'm going to talk about this amazing bird feeder idea! Very cute, right? You can imagine your little bird feeding on it and right now, you just want to grab or make one! So before we go crazy and excited about building a feeder for your bird, let’s have a glass of wine first and fly with a little birdie feeder information.

Bird feeders, also known as bird table or tray feeder, are instruments to provide bird food to birds. For seed-eating birds, you can place millets, sunflower, safflower, Niger seed, and canola seed in your bird feeder. You can also place “webcams on trained feeders” for bird-watching. Sometimes, your bird feeder can be a place where your lovely pet birds gather.

There are several types of bird seeders. First is the hanging feeder. From the name itself, it is hanged. *big smile* One type of hanging feeder is the Thistle feeder. Thistle feeder has a very tiny opening. This kind can hold Niger seeds which are very small in size. The second type of bird feeder is the hopper style. This is a “common attractive type of bird feeder.” If you try to search it, it looks beautiful and eye-catching. This type can attract birds that are not likely to visit bird feeder tubes.

Third is the suet feeder. By the way, how do you pronounce this one? ‘su-et’ or ‘swet’? We will argue on that later on when we decided to build this type of bird feeder. Woodpeckers and Nuthatches are two of the many birds that are attracted to this. Woodpecker and Nuthatches owners, this suet bird feeder is for you. *winks* The last type is the hummingbird feeder. From the name itself, this is for hummingbirds, one of the smallest birds in the world.

Well, have you decided what type of bird feeder to build for your pet bird? Just take your time. But always remember this: always clean AND maintain the cleanliness of your bird feeders. Different diseases might cause your bird to die if not properly maintained. You do not want it to die, I know. *sobs* Anyway, have fun building your new bird feeder!

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