Black Lemonade Margaritas

In the summer time, when the weather is hot, you just can't have too many drink recipes, especially those that are cool and refreshing, from lemonades, cocktails and juice recipes. These "Black Lemonade Margaritas," are the perfect recipe for summer parties and picnics. Summer is a time to let go and have some fun. So these cocktails would be perfect to bring to any party or gathering to share a little bit of summer cheer with everyone. The nice berries could be fresh berries that you either pick yourself, or buy fresh from the grocery store. Having all of this fresh fruit, is a great way to be fully in the summer spirit and enjoy the fruits that nature has to offer. You can always make these non alcoholic too, so that you can enjoy the natural fruit flavours without the booze.

This black lemonade margarita recipe is a festive, refreshing margarita that includes fresh blackberry puree, lemonade and tequila. The taste is tart, lightly sweet and refreshing, great for the warm weather. This margarita recipe doesn't use margarita mixes but rather fresh ingredients at their peak. Lots of fresh squeezed citrus, and high quality tequila, only the best. To create the fresh, seedless blackberry puree, you will want to process a container of fresh blackberries in a blender until smooth and then pour the puree into a wire mesh colander over a small bowl, using a spoon to push the blackberry liquid through the mesh leaving the seeds behind. Next you will add some sugar to the seedless blackberry puree, the amount of sugar used depends on the sweetness of berries and your own personal taste. This step can be done several days in advance, to save time when you want to make the drinks, just keep the puree covered in a container in the fridge until ready to use. You can also make a simple syrup too, which is essentially the fruit flavour in syrup form. For the full recipe details you'll want to take a look at the site. This would be wonderful to sip on on a hot day, enjoying the sun and soaking up all that summer has to offer.

This recipe site is created by Valerie, a wife and mother to four grown boys. She started the blog in 2011 to document the recipes her boys had grown to love over the years, so they could make the recipes on their own when they left home. This is the reason behind the step by step instructions, so they could easily recreate the dishes they had grown up with for their own families. This is a great place to get inspiration for different recipes so that you are always trying something new and exciting for your meals and snacks. To read more about this recipe, check out her awesome website! The internet is such a wonderful way to share ideas and inspiration, and you can collect all of the ones you want to try and give them a shot!

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