Blow Your Mind Banana Pudding

Blow Your Mind Banana Pudding is one of 500,000 recipes found on 'Food'. This deliciously creamy pudding has earned itself 5 stars with 17 raving reviews. And for good reason! Filled with bananas, whipped cream and vanilla wafers it is awesomely fabulous and super easy to make. The best banana pudding out there! 'Food', formerly known as Recipezaar is the 3rd largest food site on the web. 20 million home cooks connect to share recipes, photos, cooking tips and food trends on 'Food' each month. Started 15 years ago, 'Food' is still going strong and has over 2 million Facebook likes. Check out the 3 steps of less recipes, or the 5 ingredients or less recipes. You can browse the photo gallery and videos. Learn how to make homemade pasta, soft pretzels or buffalo wings. These are just a few examples of the fabulous recipes that will cause your taste buds to stand up and scream, wow! Including the mind blowing banana pudding served with vanilla wafers.

Have you ever gone to the store to buy vanilla for cooking? You look at the artificial vanilla or the pure vanilla. What is the difference other than the price? Some will say taste, though tests show that when used in baking, testers could not tell the difference. The difference in taste is more obvious in cold applications like puddings or drinks. So why does it cost so much more to buy pure vanilla? Perhaps it has to do with how growing and cultivating vanilla pods takes place. It is a fine delicate plant, much like an orchid and takes great care. It can only grow in prime tropical conditions. At one time in Mexico, the tiny Melipone bee would pollinate the flowers, though today that process is often done by hand! The window for pollination is extremely short, with vanilla flowers only opening for one part of one day! If pollination does not occur in that time frame, no pods will grow. It takes 5-6 years to cultivate vanilla. That is from the time of planting to the time it goes to market. The vanilla beans are dried by day in the sun and then left to sweat in a box at night. That process alone takes 3-6 months. It takes a lot of work and a lot of patience to farm vanilla.

Now we know why pure vanilla costs significantly more than imitation or artificial vanilla. Vanilla is always a favorite, loved for it's incredible flavor and aroma. Some people will use a few drops in paint to eliminate the paint fumes. A vanilla bean under the seat in your car will act as an air freshener and eliminate any unpleasant musty odors. A few drops in tomato sauce cuts the acidity of tomatoes. And vanilla wafers in banana pudding will blow your mind! Try out this recipe soon and share it with some people you think would like it. Make sure you pin this recipe on Pintrest, or save the link to this fabulous dessert recipe.

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