BLT Wraps

Can't get enough of BLT sandwiches? Are you looking for a tasty twist of the original? Or maybe you are just looking for a new recipe to try. Here is the good news. We have a simple recipe great for lunch, snacks and served as an appetizer. Introducing the BLT wraps. Same old BLT goodness but wrapped in a tortilla. What's exciting in this recipe is that the sauce is different from the ordinary mayonnaise used. Sounds good?

As we all know, BLT is short for bacon, lettuce, and tomato. BLT sandwiches evolved from tea sandwiches served before the 1900s. Wow! Who would've taught that BLT is old? The quantity and quality of ingredients will always depend on the person's preference. For instance, you can use a thick slice of bacon instead of bits or a thinner slice.

Make sure to choose the freshest tomato and lettuce. In this recipe, grape tomatoes were used. Grape tomatoes is a class of tomato believed to be Southeast Asian origin. Its shaped is similar to the oval plum tomatoes having the sweetness and small size of cherry tomatoes.

Aside from the fresh lettuce and tomatoes, the crispy bacon is important to yield the best results. Make sure not to over cook your bacon. This will taste like a burnt meat. There is a variety of cooking techniques to achieve the perfect crispy bacon for your BLT wraps.

What is special about this BLT wraps is the sauce used. To make the special sauce, combine cream cheese, mayo, and dijon mustard. Wow! That is something new. Dijon mustard is a medium strength mustard. Mustard is a condiment made from the seeds of a mustard plant. The whole, ground, cracked or bruised mustard seeds are mixed with water, salt, lemon juice or other liquids and sometimes other flavorings and spices to create a paste or sauce. Sounds interesting and unique.

BLT wraps are best eaten fresh because the sauce tends to make the ingredients soggy. What are you waiting for? Try it now!

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