Blue Raspberry Rock Candy

This "Blue Raspberry Rock Candy" is a fun candy recipe idea that may remind you of a certain show that used to be on television. This candy recipe would be fun for a Breaking Bad theme party or just a fun addition to having some adult guests over, the kids will like it too, you just might not want to fill them in where the idea came from!

This fun blue raspberry rock candy recipe was inspired by the series finale, it's delicious and so fun to make. The blue rock candy was inspired by the blue crystal meth made in the show. It's a fun candy to make for breaking bad inspired halloween costumes, and parties, and also just fun to make. It could be made in any color and with hundreds of flavors, and the nice thing about this candy recipe is that it is super easy to do. This blue raspberry rock candy is very, very easy to do. Just mix together all of the ingredients, heat on a stove, boiling and continually stirring, until the temperature reaches 300 degrees Fahrenheit (you will want to get a candy thermometer), and then pour the mix onto a covered cooking sheet until cool. Once it is all the way cool and hardened after approximtely thirty minutes, you can break apart and enjoy.

If you make this candy with the Breaking Bad show in mind, you can place the blue raspberry rock candy into baggies and crush into smaller pieces with a rolling pin, it looks great cute and would be perfect for people planning on breaking bad halloween costumes. This blue raspberry rock candy looks great and tastes good to, it will be the hit of any Halloween party. The ingredients you will need for this blue raspberry rock candy recipe include water, light corn syrup, sugar, flavoring extract (for this recipe raspberry was chosen, but there are so many others you can choose from), blue food coloring (or any other color you need) and a candy thermometer. To start mix all ingredients together and place in a medium saucepan and stir until boiling. After the liquid begins to boil, do not stir until finished. Then once boiling, place the candy thermometer in the liquid and monitor closely. When the liquid reaches 300 degrees Fahrenheit take off heat and set aside.

This recipe blog was created by Becky, who just recently decided to learn how to cook. She spent her childhood eating her momís amazing cooking, but always refused to learn. As an adult, she was happy to sample the wide varieties of Lean Cuisine or Marie Callendar foods that were easy to pop in the microwave or oven. She was an expert at using her microwave. None of that bothered her, and she was always going out to eat and trying out new restaurants, and the fact that she couldnít even scramble an egg or brown meat didnít faze her at all. The only time it bothered her is when she was going to a potluck or barbecue. When that would happen she would just stop by Buffalo Wild Wings or Gusís Pretzels for her contribution, and all would be right in the world. So you must wonder what occurred to have her change her mind, well the big thing was that she turned thirty. This is when something in the future blogger changed. She was overcome with fear and anguish at her lack of domestic skills. She knew she had to make some changes to her domestic life. She called the best cook she knew her mom, she started the blog a month later and the rest is blog history.

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