Blueberry, Banana and Cashew Smoothie Bowl

Healthy and nutritious is more popular than ever, with all sorts of recipes to help us look and feel our best. If you enjoy healthy eating you'll want to try this "Blueberry, Banana and Cashew Smoothie Bowl," recipe.

A super thick blueberry banana smoothie topped with toasted cashews, granola, and berries for the ultimate smoothie breakfast. Everything about this blueberry, banana and cashew smoothie bowl is amazing! You have some super thick berry smoothie, toasted cashews (which are always hard to resist), granola, coconut and extra berries for the top. So this recipe looks great, tastes great and is good for you, what could be better than this. When you have all your healthy ingredients you mix them up and grab a spoon, you have the best breakfast ever. Some of the smoothie ingredients you will need for this recipe include banana, frozen blueberries, ground flax seed, and honey. To start you will place your smoothie ingredients in a high powered blender and blend until smooth but still thick. Pour into a bowl and top with toasted cashews, granola, coconut, fresh berries and drizzle with honey.

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In a 100 gram serving of raw cashews there are 553 calories, which is 67 percent of the Daily Value in total fats, 36 percent of the daily value of protein, 13 percent of the daily value of dietary fiber and 11 percent of the daily value of carbohydrates. Cashews are rich sources of dietary minerals, including particularly copper, manganese, phosphorus and magnesium, and of thiamin, vitamin B6 and vitamin K. Iron, potassium, zinc and selenium are present in significant content. Cashews contain 113 mg of beta-sitosterol. Cashews are not actually nuts but seeds. They are a popular snack and food source. Cashews, unlike oily tree nuts, contain starch to about 10% of their weight. This makes cashews more effective than nuts in thickening water based dishes such as soups, meat stews, and some Indian milk based desserts. In many Southeast Asian cuisines cashews are used for this unusual characteristic, rather than other nuts. The shell of the cashew nut is toxic, which is why the nut is never sold in the shell to consumers.

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