Blueberry Blintzes

You've heard of crepes, but have you ever heard of Blueberry Blintzes before? If you are from Eastern Europe or Russia, you most likely have heard of this great recipe! The blintzes recipe is very similar to the food item we all know as a crepe. It is made up of a pancake-like disk that is fried up, usually made from very simple recipe of ingredients like flour, eggs, sugar and milk, and then spread very thin in a very thin pan to cook until golden brown on one side and then to be flipped so it can be cooked until brown on the other side. The blinze is filled with fruit filling like a crepe would be, or jam. Cheese can often be included in them as well. Sometimes filled with more savoury fillings like meat and egg, or vegetables. Blintzes are rolled up with the filling inside and then lightly fried again with the fillings inside.

The blintzes come from the blin, which is originally a Slavic word. The Slavic people thought the round shape to be like the sun, so they were made around the times of the year when people would celebrate the rebirth of the sun. The tradition was also adopted by the Orthodox church, and they still practice a pancake day around Easter time. These little rolls have also been served at memorials for the deceased throughout time. Eastern European Jewish people made the blintzes recipe popular in the United States, and people in North America have come to know and love them. The Jewish make them around Chanukah and also at Shavuot.

So are you ready to try out this awesome blintzes recipe? Well, you will be very happy to know that it is very simple, and it will give your family the perfect breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert treat they will totally love! You could even get the kids to help you out in the kitchen, which can be a fun experience all in its own, plus they are learning about how to cook so it is a win-win for everyone. These Blueberry Blintzes are minimal, with just a nice blueberry filling inside of them. You could even have all of the ingredients you need on hand already. All you need is flour, water, butter, sugar, eggs, milk and salt, for the filling you simply mix together some blueberries, sugar, lemon juice and zest, and some cinnamon. You cook the blintze like you would a crepe, allowing the batter to spread out over the surface of the hot non-stick pan and flip to brown up the other side. Once they are all done, you assemble them with the blueberry filling. They can be done right there, or, you can choose to fry them up lightly. Once you are ready to serve, sprinkle the blintzes with some icing sugar, and you try them out!

The photo of this blintzes recipe makes you want to try them out for a special breakfast, doesn't it? For kids or anyone who loves pancakes or waffles for breakfast, this easy recipes would be perfect to try out. You could make savoury ones with some nice ricotta cheese and some ham, or imagine making some with some lemon filling and ricotta cheese! This well-loved recipe from long ago could become a favourite in your household so make sure you try it out. While you are over at 12 Tomatoes, be sure to have a peek through all of their other wonderful recipes they have to offer. They have casserole recipes, cake recipes, awesome appetizer recipes, and much more! Enjoy trying the Blueberry Blintzes recipe and many more! Happy cooking!

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