Blueberry Lemon Crescent Ring

Looking for a sweet and delicious treat for breakfast or brunch? Or maybe a light dessert? Try the Blueberry Lemon Crescent Ring! This berry lemon dessert is similar in style to a cinnamon roll, it is simple and easy to make. Light and springy pastry infused with the sweetness of blueberries and topped with a light delicious glaze. Pair it with a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice or a cup of hot brewed coffee and you have the beginnings of a beautiful day. Featured on the blog, 'The Girl Who Ate Everything', food enthusiast and baker extraordinaire, Christy Denney brings us many delightful and delicious treats. Self acclaimed foodaholic, mother of 5 is very familiar and comfortable cooking for a crowd. Check out her Feeding A Crowd category for great meals ideas for large numbers. Needing inspiration for your next meal? Try her Visual Recipe Index or her Top 15 Recipes. Blooming Onion Bread and Individual 7 Layer Dip make great appetizers. How about Ham and Cheese Sliders for a houseful of teenagers? Then finish it off with S'Mores cookies. You can find these, along with the Blueberry Lemon Crescent Rings and many more wonderful recipes in Denney's cookbook also titled, "The Girl Who Ate Everything." There are so many fabulous recipes that you will absolutely love and want to make just so you can try them.

Cream cheese is often used in sweet and savory dishes such as the Blueberry Lemon Crescent Rolls and is tangy velvety treat for the taste buds. Enjoyed for it's versatility as it can be enhanced with herbs, veggies, fruit, chocolate and fish. Cream cheese is one of the most popular dairy products on the market. Cottage cheese, curd cheese, ricotta cheese and mascarpone are all types of cream cheese. The cream cheese the comes in the blocks are a whipped cream cheese that is often used for spreading. Free of rinds, mildly fragrant, cream cheese comes in a variety of colors from snowy white to pale yellow. It can be sweetened to be used in desserts like this one, or more savoury ingredients can be added to create more of a savoury flavour for a dip or spread. Any way you do it, this stuff is awesome!

Neufchatel cheese is the inspiration for the conventional block cream cheese we enjoy today. It originated in Neufchatel en Bray, France in the 1500's and was somewhat duplicated by William Chester of New York in 1872. He then sold it as "cream cheese" to the Empire Cheese Company who in turn marketed it to "Philadelphia", who later merged with Kraft. If you have plain yogurt on hand or whole milk and buttermilk you can make your own fresh, homemade cream cheese. So whip up yourself a batch of cream cheese, pick a pint of blueberries and brew a fresh pot of coffee. These delicious mouthwatering Blueberry Lemon Crescent Rolls will start off your day just right! For the complete recipe visit, 'The Girl Who Ate Everything' or follow the link below.

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