Blueberry Lime Cupcakes

I'm a huge fan of desserts, so discovering the recipe for Blueberry Lime Cupcakes just made me giddy. I'm also excited to share it with you all because I'm sure that you and your loved ones would also love it. I discovered this recipe from a blog called Cake Whiz. It features a lot of cake and dessert recipes that are easy to learn to make. The blogger's name is Abeer and you're going to love her other recipes as well. But today, let's just focus on some good old Blueberry Lime Cupcakes. These little bites of heaven look so amazing and so bright and colourful too. They would be the perfect treat for a summer or spring time birthday party or even a baby shower! Or just any old time you a craving a nice sweet treat! These could easily become a favourite dessert to make.

Before I share this amazing recipe, I want to give you some cool information about cupcakes first. This dessert has been around since 1796 and it originally came from and was invented in the United States. It was first documented from a book by Amelia Simmons called American Cookery, a compilation of different American recipes that people all over the United States love. It is amazing how these little cakes have been around for so long now and it has even evolved. There seem to be new flavors coming around, incorporating fruits, liqueurs and other yummy ingredients. There always seems to be a new cupcake recipe coming out these days. Everything from a s'mores flavoured cupcake, to a pumpkin pie cupcake. I have even seen ones with bacon on them for a maple bacon cupcake, or a savoury cupcake with mashed potato for the icing, and then a corn meal biscuit for the bottom of the cupcake, then it had some bacon bits on top and everything. I guess the sky is the limit when you are creating things. Cupcakes are so well loved by people too, they are the perfect thing to hold in your hand to eat, and a great small size too. It is perfect to serve it during children's parties and any other kind of special occasions, or anytime really!

As for this Blueberry Lime Cupcakes, the inspiration behind it came from another recipe. It was from a classic blueberry cupcake recipe that Abeer decided to enhance and change it to this new one. She just added some lime extract from the original recipe and voila! It turned out to be another delicious type of cupcake. These cupcakes are ideal for summer. The blueberries in this recipe would just make you feel refreshed and even healthier! Orange zest is another ingredient that you could use instead of lemon limes. Some people don't like the strong flavor coming from limes. So if you're one of those, orange zest is your best alternative. But the sour and sweet flavours all go so well together! To read more about the recipe for Blueberry Lime Cupcakes, visit the link of the website Cake Whiz below. Enjoy!

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