Boozy Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream Float

Summer is the perfect time to try a variety of ice cream flavors, from old favorites like chocolate and vanilla, to cotton candy and bubblegum, it's always a refreshing treat. This "Boozy Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream Float," recipe is the perfect ice cream recipe for mom and dad to try, it not only looks good, but tastes great too!

This boozy strawberry shortcake ice cream float recipe is the perfect way to use up some of your summer strawberries, and includes lots of great photos to get you inspired, the recipe also looks amazing and would be the perfect addition to a barbecue or summer party (you can omit the alcohol for a kid friendly version). To make this strawberry float you will want to start with an empty glass. Next you will add some strawberry compote and cookie crumbles, along with a scoop or two of vanilla ice cream. Then you will add in some booze and soda, more ice cream, strawberries and cookie crumbles. The strawberry shortcake ice cream float recipe is then topped with vanilla whipped cream and garnished with cookie crumbs for the perfect float! Once you make this float recipe, you'll want to try it again, it's easy and you can customize the recipe to the ingredients and seasonal fruits you have in your kitchen, it takes little planning and it's the perfect idea for lazy summer days.

The creator of this ice cream blog is Lindsay she loves eating, making, photographing, and writing about ice cream. Growing up some of her favorite memories included ice cream in some form or another. You'll find boozy recipes, baked goods recipes, cone recipes, drink recipes, frozen treats recipes, ice cream recipes, mixing recipes, and toppings recipes. The photos on this site include every delicious detail in a way that will have you coming back to the site time and time again. A simple photo of a chocolate popsicle with whole banana slices, and dipped just a bit in chocolate gives a whole new meaning to summer ice cream treats.

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