Boston Cream Pie Poke Cake!

This amazingly delicious Boston cream pie poke cake recipe is something that you will absolutely want to try baking for yourself. Cake fans and non cake fans alike will totally fall in love with this mouth watering recipe from My Incredible Recipes.

It's not low in calories, let me warn you. But it's calorie count is exceeded by it's sheer deliciousness. I have made this recipe for my husband many many times, and the kids gobble it up so quick that I have to put it up high where they can't reach it. Never ever serve before dinner, no matter how tempting. This dessert is best to have on a full stomach, otherwise you will seriously eat the entire cake in one sitting. Oh well, I guess you could always bake two! Why not, life is delicious and you should enjoy it.

You can find this recipe on My Incredible Recipes, there is a link below. Boston cream pie was one of my favorites as a kid, that and lemon meringue. Between the two I could never decide which I liked the best until I came across this recipe... I shouldn't even be writing this blog right now because it's making me think about this recipe too much, and now I have a taste for it in my mouth. Oh well, it's off the the kitchen with my oven mitts and rolling pin, time to toss some flour on the counter-top. Boy are my kids and husband ever going to be happy with this little surprise tonight.

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