Boston Cream Poke Cake

This Boston Cream Poke Cake recipe comes to us from Oh, Bite It! They are alway baking up something exciting! This recipe is really perfect for that mom that has a family she is getting off to school, working a 9-5 herself and having a family to feed and take places. This recipes utilizes a Yellow Cake Mix and Jell-O vanilla pudding so fortunately the preparation time is not too long.

Poke cakes are all about the poking! You bake a cake then you get to poke holes in the top of it which is a job for those little-helping hands in the kitchen. The Holes get infused with either some sweet sauce, puddings or jams. The cake is then drizzled with ganache!

There are always going to be the folks out there that like to make from scratch and so please feel free to use this great dessert idea and do it. There are those that want to use instant pudding, and that is fine too! Whatever method of baking you do, just enjoy the process!

Now you will no doubt love to find out how this dessert is made. Please just visit the 'Oh Bite It' website just below for the ingredients and instructions.

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