Bow Tie Pasta Casserole

This Bow Tie Pasta Casserole recipe is a great option when you are wondering what to make for dinner. Bow tie pasta, in our house, is the type of pasta that the kids love, probably to do with the name and the shape, but it's always chosen over every other type of pasta when the kids are given a choice. So you know they are going to like it when this pasta recipe hits the table. Casseroles are a fun way to get everything you need in one dish. From your protein, dairy, and vegetables, casseroles are always a good go-to, especially on cold days. The oven heats up the house, and the delicious smell fills the air. This casserole recipe is a bit like a combination pasta and pizza in a dish. This easy to do casserole recipe needs some ground meat, some bow tie pasta, salt, pasta sauce (homemade or premade, either works), some diced tomatoes, some parmesan cheese and some shredded Italian cheese blend. You will also need some pizza toppings like black olives, green pepper, sausage and onions.

Cook the bow tie pasta according to the package directions. Then brown the ground meat in a skillet. When the bow tie pasta is complete, drain. Lightly grease a 9-inch by 13-inch baking dish. Add some pasta sauce on the bottom of the baking dish, and then layer with some of the bow tie pasta. Add some sauce and the can of tomatoes. Then add some more of the bow tie pasta, the ground meat, and a layer of pepperonis. Add some Parmesan cheese and the shredded Italian blend, and some bacon bits. Bake in a preheated 350 degrees oven for approximately 30 minutes. A casserole recipe is a great way to put a nutritious and cosy meal on the table. Typically casseroles in the United States and Europe include some meat, usually chicken or fish with tuna being especially popular, some vegetable, a starchy binder like potato, pasta, rice or flour, and a topping that is crunchy or cheesy, or both! Liquids are then released from the meat and the vegetable as they are cooking, along with some added liquid such as broth, wine, beer or vegetable juice. Most often casserole recipes are slow cooked in the oven in an uncovered dish so that they can thoroughly cook. Often the last moments of a casserole recipe in the oven, are used to crisp up the topping. Casserole recipe makes good main dishes, or can also be served as a side dish recipe.

Pasta has become a staple food item in pantries across the world. Originally a staple of authentic Italian cooking, it has its origins that date back to Sicily in 1154. There is a wide variety of pasta dishes that you will find. Today most dried pasta varieties are prepared commercially by using an extrusion process. While many people choose to make their homemade pasta, something everyone should try at least once. Fresh pasta recipes were traditionally made by hand, aided by the use sometimes of simple machines. Today you also find many fresh varieties of pasta available that are made by large scale machines, and can be found at grocery and specialty markets. Did you know that there are over 310 specific types of pasta available? With over 1,300 documented names, and come in both fresh and dried varieties and some shapes and sizes. In Italy, you will find the names of specific pasta shapes is often traced to each region. Pasta used to be eaten just plain, and using sauce was considered to be revolutionary.

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