Braided Apple Walnut Strudel

Want to serve something a little extra fancy at your next family get together, or how about at that next potluck with the girls? How about trying this Braided Apple Walnut Strudel recipe and impressing everyone with your inherent pastry making abilities? This strudel recipe is a lot easier than it looks, and it can be a lot of fun to make. If you’re searching for some fun recipes to make with your kids, this could be another great reason to try it out. You could even turn it into a bit of a history lesson. “Strudel” is a German term describing a whirlpool, and the original version of the strudel recipe looked just like that – an eddy or a circular current. Strudels are layered pastries that are usually filled with something sweet, like apples, pears, oranges, bananas, or berries; the oldest strudel recipes on record include one for turnip strudel published in a handwritten cookbook from the Library of Vienna. Strudels became popular in the 1700s, and today they are popular all over the globe. Although they’re most often thought of as having Austrian origins, they were also a big part of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire, which includes regions in northern Italy.

One of the most favourite kinds of strudel recipes these days is apple strudel. Something magic seems to happen when you combine baked apples with pastry dough, especially when you include brown sugar and cinnamon. This apple strudel is even better than the usual, though, because it also calls for walnuts, which give it an extra nutty flavour and texture. Strudels are particularly popular to make during the autumn months, when it’s harvest time and you need to find something to do with all of the extra fruit and veggies before they start to go bad. You can make an abundance of strudel and other fruit pastry recipes, and then you can freeze them – that way, you’ll have an abundance of baked harvest goodies to last you all winter long. Another great thing about this apple strudel recipe is that, as far as baked dessert recipes go, this is a fairly healthy one. Apples are super high in vitamin C and vitamin B6, and of course, they’ve got all of that dietary fiber. They also contain iron and a small amount of protein. The old saying, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” is not as far-fetched as you might think. Walnuts are high in calcium, iron, protein, and manganese. They also contain a small amount of vitamin C. Cinnamon is not only very high in dietary fiber and iron, it’s also high in calcium, iron, and manganese. Apples, walnuts, and cinnamon go hand in hand when it comes to nutrition, and they taste delicious together as well.

Braiding these strudels can be a lot of fun, once you get the initial hang of it; this is a neat trick to teach your kids as well, something they will most likely remember for years to come, and may perhaps even show their own children one day. Time in the kitchen making hot meals with your kids is time well spent. Serve these strudels hot out of the oven – and, for an extra special treat, they taste particularly delicious with hot apple cider. This fun recipe for Braided Apple Walnut Strudel comes from the Tip Hero website, where you can not only find lots more pastry dessert recipes, but you can also find tips and tricks for just about any household project you can think of – whether you’re working in the kitchen, bathroom, family room, attic, garage, or basement, you’ll discover the easiest ways to do just about anything DIY here.*

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