Brandied Cinnamon Apples

This is one of those great and simple recipes you can just make when you want a quick after dinner dessert. These Brandied Cinnamon Apples are awesome for any occasion when you just want a little something sweet to finish off dinner. They would be great to serve after dinner at a dinner party since some people do like to have a hot brandy after dinner anyway. I remember my mom serving that to my grandparents because they always liked to have an after dinner brandy. She would put it in these cute, tiny little liquor glasses, and they would sip at it for a while with their after dinner coffee.

The sauce would go so nicely with the apples, cinnamon is a natural compliment for apples of course! The author of this recipe, Sheree, from the Savory Spice Rack website, says that you can enjoy them over pancakes or waffles, over ice cream or just all by themselves! I find in any apple recipe, if I am using store bought apples, I usually go with gala apples, because they are the sweetest I find. Especially if it's a dessert you are making. Although, the more tart ones are nice in apple pies sometimes too.

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Brandy was created by accident! People wanted a way to preserve wine over the long shipping process, so they would distill it taking the water out of it and putting it in barrels. The plan was to return the water to the liquor, but people found they liked the result of this process, so brandy was made popular! At this time in history, the after dinner drink, also known by the term digestifs, was actually prescribed by doctors to help aid in the digestion of food, and possibly kill off any bacteria that might have been in the meat. They figured that it was actually good for us to imbibe in these spirits after dinner and so this tradition has carried on through the centuries. The reality is, that it actually doesn't help with digestion at all, and hinders the process, because the alcohol is sort of competing with the food in the stomach and over taxing the liver.

It does give the drinker a nice warm feeling because the blood vessels are opening making you feel warm. In a recipe like this where it is cooked over heat, you are not left with any alcohol really, just the nice brandy flavour!

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