Brownie and Cookies Baked as One

Brookies! What you see here is a brownie batter and a cookie combined and baked into one delightful dessert.

These tasty treats blend two favorites, the brownie and the chocolate chip cookie.

Did you know there is such a thing as a 'Brookie' Pan? Gone are the days of just the round, square and rectangle baking pans that our Grandmothers would have used for everything.

When you visit the website below, there is a link that takes you to Amazon where you can see what the brookie pan looks like. In fact, it looks like a six hole muffin tin, that is similar to a donut baking pan. The idea is that you fill the cavity of each one with the brownie batter. The cookie you baked goes onto the raised section in the middle, then you top it up with the brownie batter, encasing the cookie into the center.

Speaking of baking ware, have you ever tried the silicone bake ware?

Many of you may be using silicone spatulas rather than rubber ones. If you are not, they are excellent as they do not melt in high heat. That is a very good thing in the cooking and baking world as those old rubber spatulas did often break down if you were cooking something went to very high temperatures.

Also, even if you forget a silicone spatula in you hot cooking pot, it is going to be just fine. Silicone bake and cookware are designed to withstand high temperatures. There are many benefits to using silicone bakeware. They never need to be oiled or greased. Food comes out from them so easily and very seldom will there be any burnt edges. They are super easy to clean, they never rust, they are lightweight. You can bake, freeze and store in silicone vessels.

If you don't own any silicone bakeware yet, you may want to treat yourself to something, and the silicone spatula is a great start!

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