Buffalo Chicken Fries: The Epitome Of “Crispy N’ Crunchy”!

Buffalo Chicken Fries are a great game-time or anytime snacking food. The guys will love this dish, your kids will go crazy over them, even your health-conscious girls will love them! They’re spicy, easy to prepare, and not too greasy. You can even make them even more healthy by baking them rather than frying. Or… try swapping the panko bread crumbs for a gluten free option! Its really up to you! Feel like chicken tonight? Try these yummies. They’re definitely game changing! Trust me.

So it's the FIFA games right now and so everyone is going crazy over scores, players, and nation vs. nation battles. Even when you walk around downtown, all you seem to see are the different fans who have traveled from all over to watch the games! Its amazing really when you think about game-culture. The loyalty, the dedication, the extreme-sensationalistic behaviour. Wow. All those fans dressed in their favorite jersey or decorated all-out, head to toe, in their nation’s colours. Its definitely festive, there’s no doubting that.

Whenever there is any game or series going on that means my husband’s friends all coming over, congregating around our over the top television setup- its really like a mini home theatre – ready for beer, food, and what seems like ridiculous and over the top rowdiness. Its pretty intense. I try to keep myself busy and out of the house during these gatherings but last week I decided to stick around. Besides, I like watching the odd soccer game here and there. I’m also trying to make sure that my beau doesn’t pig out on chips and junk food. I’d rather make the boys snacks than have them resort to bags of chips, pretzels, greasy pizza, and other horrendous foods.

I was going to make chicken wings – I mean what man doesn’t love that? But then I thought…sticky fingers…our beautiful and light coloured couch…impossible stains…and yup, um, no thank you. I ended up finding this particular recipe and it was perfect. No mess from all of those tiny little bones, hands stay relatively clean, and you still get that game-snacky satisfaction. And served with of course, carrot and celery sticks, along with some yummy blue cheese or ranch dressing… even I saved some for myself. Does that say enough?The guys had a great time and those buffalo chicken fries…gone within the first half hour. I’m glad I made a few batches…

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