Build a Barbecue Smoker for $9

Have you ever wanted a barbecue smoker, but couldn't afford spend the hundreds to buy one new? Now you can build your very own barbecue smoker for only $9 by following this incredible how-to guide on constructing a smoker from scratch using household tools and cheap salvaged materials. All you need is a two by four of metal that is not galvanized, meaning either aluminium or stainless steel, a grill and screws to hold it in place. Then you can bend the metal, place it on the grill, add charcoal and wood chips and you are ready to get barbecuing. All the tools you need can be found around the house like a screwdriver and riveter, and for raw materials you can check online for free items or even look at what some people throw away, such as old grills that can still be reused.

Many people would love to be able to smoke their own meats, but getting a brand new barbecue smoker can cost a great deal and it is basically the exact same thing anyway. With this do it yourself smoker you only need to spend a few dollars to get your perfect barbecue up and running, you can even find free grills and metal online to make it even easier to build at a low price. Also, you can grill a variety of meats, anything you want, although a common favourite is pork ribs. However, you can also smoke chicken, beef, or even pork chops to get that perfect smoky barbecue flavour that we all know and love.

I've always loved barbecuing since I was a little kid and my Dad first taught me how to perfectly cook burgers, hot dogs and ribs on an outdoor barbecue. Being able to make a barbecue smoker from scratch is incredible and very unique since price shouldn't be a stumbling block when it comes to smoking your favourite meats for the whole family to enjoy. I truly believe that you can get the same quality out of an inexpensive barbecue smoker that you make yourself than a pricy one that is pretty much the exact same design but costs ten times as much money.

What may surprise you about this do it yourself barbecue smoker step by step tutorial is that it doesn't need much stuff to create. All you really need for barbecue smoker is a piece of sheet steel that you can easily bend into a circle. You might want to try using some galvanized sheet metal or painted steel, that way you can prevent the barbecue smoker from rusting. A piece of duct pipe can easily do the trick. You will also need a mini grill or a grill that is full sized if you want a larger barbecue smoker. You'll want to get out your screws and rivets to hold the project in place, a power drill, an electric hot plate and a riveter or rivet gun.

There is a certain level of gratification that you get when you make something on your own, that and the reward of saving money. Before starting out with any DIY idea, take a look beforehand at all the materials and steps, to see if you have everything you need.

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