Build a Birch-Log Coffee Table

Do you make some inexpensive outdoor style furniture? Nouveau-rustic tables, chairs and cabinets are now the in-trend looks in the world of furniture. Most people think that this popular furniture will cost thousands of dollars in the market, well yes, but we have come up with basic materials to score this popular furniture in a cheaper and unique way.

Exterior Matters

The good thing about birch is that it is smooth, light and convenient. In this project, you are going to need 34 birch logs with the diameter of 3-4 inches. Cut the birch to your preferred sizes or you can even send it to your local lumber store and they will cut the logs for you. If you are a nature lover and worried about cutting birch tree, do not worry! Birch is a fast growing tree and you wont harm the environment if you make your table.

Getting Started

Supplies and tools you will need:

Birch logs cut into 18 inch long pieces

4x8 ft. sheet birch plywood

Glue (not just any glue but wood glue)

Wood screws


4-inch casters

Clear polyurethane

Circular saw

Miter saw

Cordless drill

Grout float

Putty knife

Start with the Base:

Firstly, cut the plywood to 33x24 inches for the base. Next, create a plywood box measured 27x18x16 inches.

Cut two pieces 27x16 inches and two pieces 18x16 inches. Afterward, glue each sides and screw. Dont for get to screw through the box directly to the base to make it more solid.

Attach the Logs:

Secondly, glue the logs to the sides of the box. Make sure to cut the logs using the miter saw to 18 in. You can also alter the quantity according to the logs diameter. If you want it to be more secure, screw through the wood box to every log.

Close the Top:

Next, you can close the box with the same size of the plywoods base. Screw and locked it.

Add Designs:

You can cut the wood into 1 inch rounds using the miter saw and glue them on top of the box, placing them nicely in rows.

Sealant Work:

Using the grout, apply the grout float and smooth it between the logs, make sure it is even. You can also design your own appearance using knife by scraping off the grout. Then leave it for few minutes and let it dry.

Attach the Wheels:

Attach the wheels using screws at the base of the table. Make sure it is the same measurement to keep it in balance. Afterward, apply clear polyurethane on the wood.

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