Building A Woodburning Hot Tub

Do you want a hot tub but are not too fond of the idea of all the chemicals and electric power that goes into keeping it heated? Well check out this wonderful idea made by a couple who wanted a place to relax after hiking or cross country skiing and a place for their granddaughter to swim. The couple built their own hot tub heated by wood fire and heat coils. But you should read more about it in the article, he explains everything so well!

They used a horse trough as the pool as they wanted to be able to fit up to 6 people in it at a time. Its non insulated, meaning the water doesn't retain its heat, so if you are looking for a quick hot tub, this wouldn't be the option for you! Stick with the commercial ones in that case. As he writes, this is not a fast process, it takes a lot of time for the water to heat and someone needs to be around to watch the fire and tend to it, stir the water in the tub getting it to the perfect temperature. So some one has to stay at the house for the better part of the day to get the hot tub ready for everyone when they get back.

They say its worth it though, they make a ritual out of it that makes it more fun than a chore and the reward of having a hot springs like oasis in your back yard is priceless. Think about how wonderful it would be to sit in the hot pool after a long day of skiing or hiking, gazing up at the stars, and enjoying each other's company in the warmness of the hot pool! Head over to their blog 'Timber Butte Homestead' by following the link in the description below to read all about it!

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