Building Your Dream Log Home Within Your Budget

Log homes are more popular than ever, and it's no wonder as there is so much about them to love. A log home design can be used for either full-time living or as the vacation home of your dreams. And there are more log house designs to choose them ever If building a cabin is something you are considering there are several steps you will want to follow to make the project a success. Building your own log cabin is sure to be one of the most exciting things you've done, so knowing beforehand all the steps on how to build a log cabin is a good way to start.

When thinking about building your dream log home, you will want to first define your lifestyle. This step is one of the most important things you will do; you want to know what your present and future log home needs will be. You can start with a notebook and a list of lifestyle factors and requirements which you can go over with your log home dealer or representative before you sketch out a log home plan. Families with younger children are sure to have different log home needs than a couple who are building their retirement home. A second home or a vacation log home rental with have other necessities. When building a log cabin of your dreams, you will want to sketch out a plan and develop a budget for your log home build. If you don't already have your piece of land to build a log cabin, you will want to find the location and building site for your future log home. Once you have chosen a log home building site, you will want to make sure that there are no topological features which may affect the design of your log home. Your log home dealer or builder may offer suggestions to help situate the log house to maximize views, natural features and solar exposure on your land. Your log home dealer and builder will also have local knowledge about building regulations, zoning, setbacks, and other factors that can affect the size and location of your home.

When building a log cabin of your dreams, you will want to sketch out a plan and develop a budget for your log home build. Your log home dealer or representative will help you to review different options you can consider. You might choose to use an existing log home design or modify a log home plan or creating a new custom log home design depending on what you can afford. You will want to provide as much detail as possible during this stage. This is when you can select all the components for your log home build with things like decks, garages, interior trim, appliances, and fixtures. You want your budget estimate to be as accurate as possible. You won't want to forget things like log home stain and topcoat finishes which are just an important part of the overall construction plan.

Katahdin Cedar Log Homes is a good place to start when you are thinking about building a cabin. Whether you are using a contractor or going to build your log cabin, youll find Katahdin has made building your log home as efficient as possible. They provide a detailed Building Manual, training, and support. The company has a precise barcode system which enables your log home builder to locate components quickly and easily. They've made it so easy to build a log cabin that the company has been named one of the Builder Friendly log home manufacturers in the America. **

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