Butter Dip Biscuits

In our house we always have butter, we can't get by without it, whether it's used on toast, potatos, bagels, or even a little bit on top of a warm stew, we sure do love our butter! These "Butter Dip Biscuits," combine another favourite of ours, biscuits, with some butter, sounds perfect to me! There is something about biscuits, that just reminds me of home, and my mother's amazing cooking. Usually, biscuits were baked when there was a big dinner at hand, maybe for a roast, or with the Christmas or Thanksgiving turkey. To have the smell of fresh biscuits lingering in the house, and then to enjoy their warm goodness, is comforting to say the least. This biscuit recipe is easy to do, the dough does not even have to be rolled out or cut with biscuit cutters. This is a quick and simple recipe idea that you can make on any weeknight, and the creator suggests if you want less guilt you can cut the recipe in half and make a smaller and thinner biscuit. The creator suggests only using buttermilk with this recipe if possible, as skim or regular milk just don't give the flavor that buttermilk offers, the buttermilk really is the crucial ingredients in this recipe, along with the butter of course!

Bread is always a great thing to have with any meal. People have been making bread and biscuits for centuries, and they have definitely been a staple of our diet. The nice part about bread is that it pretty much goes with anything and is a nice companion for many different meals. These particular biscuits would be so heavenly with a bit of jam spread on them as well. They would also be great with eggs and bacon in the morning too, with a nice side of hash browns. If you love bread and biscuits then you have to try this different and decadent spin on them. You can always make a bunch ahead of time and then just freeze them to use for later. All you would have to do is de thaw them on the counter until you are ready to use them. Or, you can always microwave them for short periods of time or place them in the oven at a lower temperature, to thaw them out. This recipe sure beats the boxed made biscuits too, hands down!

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