Café Owner Lets Homeless Man Work For The Day. 2 Weeks Later, She Walks In And He’s Still There

If you're looking for inspiration or some positive life tips, here's a great story for you. In this story featured on Little Things, a cafe owner lets a homeless man work for her, giving him a new lease on life. Most of us are fortunate enough to not have to experience the misfortune of being homeless and jobless without a penny to our name. It's easy for many people to just pass homeless or needy people on the street without a second thought. Or sometimes, people will pass their judgments thinking that the person must be completely awful and not deserving of their change. The thing is, we shouldn't be so quick to pass judgement on anyone, because we don't know what took place in their lives in order for them to end up on the streets. It could have been something that wasn't even their own fault. For example, some people lose their homes because they had a sick relative to take care of and could no longer work any longer. Other's may have lost their homes to a fire or a natural disaster and the insurance money just didn't cover everything. Many people who live on the streets have mental illnesses they don't know how to take care of. Not everyone on the street is a lazy person, they are just someone like the rest of us who is going through a rough time.

Much like Marcus, the man in this video who would come into a restaurant every day looking for some money. Restaurant owner Cesia Abigail, wasn't like most people who would forbid the man to enter into her establishment and instead, she decided to offer him a job. After speaking to Marcus about his situation, she learned that it was very hard for him to get a job because of his previous felonies he had committed. But Cecia wasn't too concerned about his past, she simply wanted to give him an opportunity for his present and future. So Marcus offered up his cleaning services washing dishes and cleaning the kitchen, as well as taking out the trash and washing the floors. Cesia actually really needed help at her restaurant called Abi's, so it was a blessing for both of them to meet. Marcus performs his cleaning services and he is paid cash by Cesia, but he chooses to use some of it to buy a meal in her restaurant instead of just taking the food for free. Marcus is even known to share his food with his other homeless friends.

Cesia invites everyone into her restaurant for a bite to eat if they are in need. She treats everyone the same and doesn't look down on them at all. It's so awesome that she's doing this and providing a non judgemental place for people in her community. It's been shown that someone like Marcus having another person believe in him while he keeps on his journey will only benefit his health and wellbeing. Just think of the last time you were having a rough time and someone believed in you, wasn't that positive for your own health and wellbeing? This is one of those positive life tips that sticks with you forever, to perhaps not judge a book by it's cover and always give people a chance. Little Things is a great website full of these kinds of positive stories that brighten your day and melt your heart. You can also find them on Facebook where you can see all of their most recent postings and articles. Make sure you watch the touching video on the website too.***

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