Cake Batter Milkshake Recipe

Summer is fast-approaching! Or is it? Ok, with four months to go and we are going to hit the beach that is unless you already are living in a permanently hot place. For those that are still deeply in the winter season, I think it is not too early for me to say to get your sexy beach body ready for your bikini. So get set and ready as early as now to avoid 11th hour preparations! That wouldn't be ideal, right? So, ok, letís review the summer list: beach body, bikini, volleyball, bonfires and summer romance. I guess thatís it! We didn't forget anything, right? I think we are ready to rock and roll. *pause* Wait. Let me see the list again. Something is missing. There really is. The list is incomplete. And you know whatís lacking? Milkshake. The Milkshake. We can't go on without it. No way.

Summer is summer, but part of being summer are the cold drinks, smoothies and of course, milkshake. Milkshakes are made of milk and ice cream with toppings and little syrup on top. This mouth-watering food is a great comfort during the hot summer days. You can imagine it now, right? Now, youíre craving it. That makes the two of us. Let me guess, you are wishing its summer now, huh? Two down! Well, so much with the craving and stuff. It is nice to lie on the beach while getting your perfect tan with a cake batter milkshake on the side. See the photo above? Thatís how it looks like. The sight of it: frosty white, creamy, with sprinkles on top, just makes you want to apply for a lifetime supply of it. Cake batter milkshake should definitely be part of the summer list. So let us review: beach body, bikini, volleyball, bonfires, summer romance and CAKE BATTER MILKSHAKE! Perfect summer.

Uh-uh! I know that this is so delicious (it really is!), thus, making you want for more. But ladies and gentlemen, you must also be careful with all your sugar and calorie intakes. You might still want to stay fit and healthy after summer, so, drink milkshake moderately! Nevertheless, enjoy summer and your cake batter milkshake!

Now it is time for you to enjoy! The link to the recipe is found on the "Ambrosia Baking" website below.

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