Cake Batter Popsicles

Even if it isn't summer, we can still enjoy ice creme and popsicles any time of the year, why not?! If you love birthday cake and popsicles then you are sure to love these cake batter popsicles. Wouldn't these be so perfect for a summer time birthday, or for someone who loves popsicles? Summer time is usually when we love to have a nice cool treat like ice cream and popsicles, when it is so hot out, you just can't bear to think about baking a cake. No one likes to heat up the oven to bake a cake, just so it can heat up the whole house. So if there is a summer time birthday, these would be perfect to make for it! They are the perfect flavour, and they have all of the right colours too! They are so festive!

If you live somewhere where it's hot all of the time, then these would also be a great birthday cake substitute. These are super simple to make as well, the hardest part about them is to wait for them to freeze in the freezer... which can take quite a while. But all good things come to those who wait and these popsicles are no exception. Basically, they are like a thick and creamy cake batter on a stick. How awesome is that? They look so great too, with all of the rainbow sprinkles! You could even stick in some candles if you wanted to try so that the birthday boy or girl could blow them out before the whole thing melted.

These awesome cake batter on a stick treats are made using boxed cake batter, vanilla ice cream, milk, and some vanilla extract all blended up and poured into popsicle moulds. The sprinkles are added in on the top of the popsicles by pouring them into the mould before you pour in the ice cream cake batter, and then some more are added on the bottom by sprinkling them on the bottom before putting them into the freezer. If you didn't use ice cream, popsicles can tend to get very crystalline, which takes away from their creaminess. So if you want them creamy, it is very important to make them with real ice cream. Also, she mentions some good advice when making popsicles with moulds, and I do remember this from when I was a kid. If you don't thaw them a bit before trying to remove them from the mould, the stick will most likely just pop right out of the popsicle!

So, when you are ready to eat your home made popsicles, make sure you run them under some warm water for a little while before you try to pull them out of the mould, so that the popsicle can stay on the stick. Wouldn't these be so awesome and fun for a kid's birthday party?! Or anyone's birthday party? Or for any time really? I would love to try these and see what they taste like. They look so fun and festive almost too pretty to eat. Of course, with a blog name like Just Add Sprinkles, you can be sure that she loves things with sprinkles on them! What a great treat!

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