California Tiny House Builder Creates Wooden Beauty on 24ft Trailer

Are you interested in building a tiny house of your very own? It's a great time to build a tiny house since there are plenty of new tiny house builders across the globe. Like California Tiny House building company. They have various small house design options for each person's small house living needs. They also customise small house designs to suit people's style and needs, so each tiny house is unique. If you want to build or buy a tiny house, there are things that you'll probably want to learn more about or consider for your own design. While building a tiny house on wheels is similar to building a conventional stick frame house there are a lot of differences too. For starters, a tiny house on wheels is built on a trailer. The trailer is the foundation for a tiny house much like a concrete foundation would be the foundation of a regular home. California Tiny House designs their own trailers to suit each and every tiny house they build. This way the trailer will function correctly for each small house design. Building your tiny house on a trailer means that you can take your tiny house wherever you like. This option is very appealing to those who need to move for work a lot and for those who want to travel around but would rather not live in an RV.

Other people are looking to downsize and make their lives simpler, so they have a relaxing lifestyle and so that they don't have as big of an impact on the environment. California Tiny Houses are also RV Certified, and each of their small house designs have tested to make sure that it is built to building standards and that it is safe. This company is located in Fresno, California, but even if you're not living in California, you could still have your tiny house built by them. Then you could tow or have your tiny house towed to your small house living location. California Tiny Houses aim to build the most high-quality tiny houses for the most affordable prices. The company also offers a ten year extended warranty and affordable insurance packages. It's also a family owned and operated business too. Pat has over 35 years of experience in the construction industry, and he's built custom houses for people as well as having done some remodelling.

Nick is the other owner of the business and the son of Pat, and he has 15 years of construction experience. He works on all of the finishing details and space saving solutions of the small house design. So the two of them together build some pretty beautiful tiny houses on wheels. Their designs are simple but very modern and stylish. They have a handful of small house designs you can check out on their website in their gallery to see what style of homes they build and all of the excellent craftsmanship they do. One of their tiny houses on wheels is even wider than most small house designs which would make small house living even more comfortable. The Beach Bungalow is 10 feet wide by 24 feet long, and it was built to take in the coasts of California. It's great that they implement large windows into their designs too as this is one of the best small house design tricks for opening up the space to make it appear larger. Check out some of the other small house designs in their gallery to see more from them and get some tiny house inspiration for your own small house living plans.***

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