Calories Burned Walking

Burn Calories Walking

Walking is great fun and an excellent way to burn those calories and aid in weight loss. As you walk you are exercising and raising your heart rate, which means you body will increase the calories burned.

The key to any weight loss program is to find an activity you can maintain, which raises your heart rate and burns those calories, walking is a great way to see all your neighbourhood and is free.

How Many Calories Does Walking Burn?

A frequent question people ask is how many calories does walking burn? The answer is it depends on your weight, how fast you walk and how much time you spend walking.

You will see with the calories burned walking calculator below that someone weighing 150 pounds walking a normal pace for 60 minutes would burn 250 calories, where as someone weighing 200 pounds walking for the same duration and speed would burn 333. The average person will burn between 80 to 140 calories per mile.

Calories Burned Walking Calculator

This calculator provides you a way to easily estimate how many walking calories you have burned during your walk.

Everyone is different and many other factors (genetic disposition, age, fat percentage, and temperature) can have impacts of the calories you burn walking, the calories burned walking calculator estimates the calories burned, based on average metabolic rates.

Simply enter your weight, the duration of your walk and the pace you walked to calculate your calories burned.

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