Can You Really Beat the Heat With a $20 DIY Air Conditioner?

Guys, right now, I have a big fan operating right in front of me. The heat is killing me! Am I alone in this dilemma? “Sure you aren’t! I know this would sound silly but I need an air conditioner wherever I go –even when I'm on the street.” “Why do I feel like I’m in a living hell? I'm so hot! Literally!” “I have to sleep naked at night. And without blankets. For now, I wouldn't survive with them.” Whoa, chill! Naked? That’s rated SPG. Anyway, yes. We really need to CHILL, guys. The world is becoming hotter… and hotter! Air conditioners would be in high demand. However, I know some of you wouldn't be able to afford it. Let’s face it. Honestly, I can't afford to buy an air conditioner, but you've got to be thankful to Mike Opelka from The Blaze website. He shows us the Snap Guide website to provide us the cheapest way in beating the heat.

This $20 Do It Yourself conditioner will be your next favorite DIY, people! Yes, just $20. Perfect! I got $21 in my pocket. How cool is that, ha? *winks* All you need is a medium sized Styrofoam, cooler, one small electric fan, some PVC pipe, tape (usually duct tape), drill or a sharp knife (for Styrofoam cutting), and ice packs. “Only $20 with all these materials? I think it’s more than that.” Yes, it actually is. Opelka says, “Although the Snap Guide article says that you can make this AC unit for $20, it’s probably closer to a $30 price tag.” Any questions? Let Opelka ask and answer those. *winks* “Does it work? Yes! Can you cool a house with it? No. However, we bet that this unit would significantly lower the temperature of an average sized room.”

Do you need this? I’m sure you do! Let mommy help and click The Blaze website below for the instructions. Be cool and have fun! *winks*

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