Cantonese Chicken Egg Roll

This "Cantonese Chicken Egg Roll" recipe show you the beauty of authentic Chinese food. It uses the perfect combination of meat, savory dried foods, colorful veggies, and a nice balanced sauce to release the ultimate flavor.

The creator of this recipe learned it from a famous Hongkongese dim sum chef. This is a must try recipe if youíre into real Chinese food. Some interesting information about egg rolls is that if you think Chinese people eat egg rolls on a daily basis, youíre very wrong. They call egg rolls spring rolls in China. They are a festive dish that people cook and enjoy on the eve of the Spring Festival. You can find egg rolls in many areas of China, but they are most popular in the southern part, in places such as Shanghai, Fujian, Guangzhou, and Jiangsu. While southerners are frying egg rolls to celebrate the coming of the new year, northerners in China are boiling dumplings. Interestingly enough the creator of this recipe site has eaten egg rolls fewer than five times in her 30 years of living in China! They are not a usual item on the dinner table of a northern Chinese family, and you donít really see them in restaurants either, unless youíre at a dim sum place.

This Cantonese chicken egg roll recipe is from a famous Hongkongese dim sum chef. The recipe requires time for rehydrating and cooling. You can cook the dish in the shortest time by following the procedure in the recipe. You will need spring roll wrappers. For the sauce recipe you will need oyster sauce, Japanese sake, sugar, salt, white pepper and chicken broth. Combine the oyster sauce, rice wine, sugar, salt, and white pepper in a small bowl. Mix well and place near stove.

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