Caramel Apple Pie Cookies

Apple pie is definitely an all time favourite autumn dessert, that everyone loves. This autumn, give this awesome recipe for Caramel Apple Pie Cookies a try! You will absolutely love them and so will anyone and everyone who tries them. These are seriously the cutest thing ever too, aren't they?! They would look so pretty all in a bowl with a nice cloth napkin underneath them for so added style. Since apples are in season now, this is definitely a perfect recipe to use up a lot of your fresh picked or fresh farmer's market apples. You can even find some U Pick places either in your city or out in the country, where you can go and pick apples, and sometimes they just give them to you, or pay a small price for them per pound. Or sometimes there are picking groups in your city where people post their fruit trees that you can volunteer to pick off of and then maybe you would be kind enough to share some of these yummy cookies with them or something else you make with their apples. It's a really fun thing to do with the family, and it makes you appreciate where your ingredients come from too.

These cookies look just like cute little individual pies, with the lattice on top of them and everything! The perfect bite size and a good size to hold in your hand. What a great idea for cookies. They are made up of a layer of pie crust on the bottom, and then a lattice placed on top, with a nice apple cinnamon caramel filling in the centre, that you can either make yourself or buy pre made. Granny Smith apples or something equally as tart are the best apples for a dessert like this, otherwise the cookies can be a bit too sweet. The tart apples are a good mix for the sweetness of the caramel and the sugar that is in the mix, they make a nice flavour juxtaposition. Apple pie was actually rated the most well loved pie in America, with pumpkin pie, pecan pie, banana cream pie and cherry pie.

The author of this recipe on Cincy Shopper, used the pre made Pillsbury pie crust refrigerated pastry, so this cuts out the time it takes to make a pie pastry from scratch, but if you want to use your own recipe and have the time, then always great to make it home made as well. The bottom layer is rolled out flat onto a hard surface, and then the caramel sauce is spread over the dough. Then, the apple filling is spread out and then the lattice is made on top. It is way easier to make the lattice on top of the filling than trying to make it on the table and then transfer it onto the top of the apple filling. This would be the perfect little dessert to have around the house, or even to bring to a party or gathering this fall! Make sure that you bookmark this recipe or Pin it to one of your Pintrest boards. Head over to 'Cincy Shopper' by following the link in the section below for more!

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