Caramel Apple Pie

This "Caramel Apple Pie" recipe is a great addition to any fall dessert table, the gooey combination of caramel and apples is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. Just the words caramel apple pie recipe are enough to make your mouth water, there's just something about the combination of caramel and apples that is dessert perfection. For this caramel apple pie recipe Granny Smith apples are absolutely the way to go.

Granny Smith apples are tart so that they balance out the sweet caramel that you are going to pour over the top of them. You also want to make sure that the apples are cut very thin so that they cook quickly and evenly. Then you will mound them up in your pie crust and you’re all set. Instead of mixing the raw apples with sugar and spices like you would typically do for an apple pie, you are going to make some caramel sauce to pour over the apples instead. Then you will bring a little butter, sugar, cinnamon, salt, water, and flour to a boil, let these ingredients cook for approximately a minute and remove from the heat. Next you are going to make the crumb topping. There is nothing quite as good as a crumb topping, this one is sweet, a little bit chewy, and nice and crumbly. If you have a stand mixer you can throw all the ingredients into the bowl and let it roll until it is like coarse sand. Or you can mix the crumb topping ingredients by hand with a fork. It’s the right consistency when you can take a handful of the mixture and it sticks together in a clump after squeezing it.

Then you pour the caramel sauce over the sliced apples. Next you will top with all of the crumb topping, it may look like a lot of topping, but make sure to add all of the mixture. Don't worry if some of the crumbs are on the bigger side, they are extra tasty. Once all the crumbs are on you are ready for the final step, baking! The crumb topping can easily burn during the first part of baking since it is cooked at a high temperature at the beginning to set the crust, so you will loosely lay a piece of foil over the top during the first 15 minutes and it that should work fine. This caramel apple pie recipe is perfect served on its own, but a little vanilla ice cream or whipping cream takes this dessert recipe ovet the top, this is a recipe you will want to try again.

Caramel is a popular topping and addition to all sorts of great dessert recipes, from ice cream to pieces and cookie recipes. Caramel is usually beige to dark brown in color made by heating a variety of sugars at the correct temperatures. This is where the trick in making this sweet recipe is, it's all about cooking the sugars at the right temperatures, if you don't do this you won't have the caramel at the right consistency that you want. Caramel can be used as a flavoring in puddings and desserts, as a filling in candies, or as a topping for ice cream. The process of caramelization consists of heating the sugar slowly to around 340 degrees Fahrenheit (you'll want a candy thermometer to achieve the correct temperatures). As the sugar heats, the molecules break down and re form into compounds with a characteristic color and flavor. A variety of candies, desserts, and confections are made with caramel such as brittles, nougats, pralines, crème brûlée, crème caramel, and caramel apples. Ice creams are sometimes flavored with or contain swirls of caramel.

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