Caramel Apple Poke Cake

This Caramel Apple Poke Cake recipe was so amazing, in fact, visions of it are still flashing vividly in my mind since I baked and ate it! This such a soft, moist and light cake, that is bursting full of caramel apple flavour. Caramel Apple Poke Cake starts as a regular sheet cake recipe. When you bake and cool the cake, you simply create holes in the entire cake top, and pour sweetened condensed milk on it. What comes afterward is what will take you into 'caramel apple heaven!'. Imagine the apple pie filling, bits of apples and glaze… good heavens. The caramel will immerse down into the holes and make the taste more irresistible! This is what constitutes a 'poke cake' recipe, when you literally poke these holes in the baked cake so that the toppings can all seep in. Then adding the whipped cream and the caramel sauce itself on top of the cake when you serve it creates a taste of heaven on earth!

The Caramel Apple Poke Cake is a perfect dessert for Thanksgiving Day, fall parties, or you can indulge it by yourself with a fork and a good quality of red wine anytime as it is truly an amazing cake. It would also be a great cake to make for someone's birthday if they really loved apple desserts, so you can really enjoy this cake any time of year. Anyone who tries a bite have a hard time stopping at just one piece of cake. Many that have tried it claim that this cake is a hands down winner when it comes to the most deserving cake. So its easy to say that you won’t be disappointed with this cake recipe. In fact, it might become one of your favourite cake recipes to make!

On the other hand, if you are not fond of sweets or you have health-related reason to avoid sweets, you can use other alternatives for condensed milk. Substitute a simple vanilla pudding and cut down on some of the caramel. You might want to just pour some caramel on top of the cake rather than mixing it into the filling and frosting. You can always alter the level of sweetness depending on your preferences. That is the beauty of baking your own dessert recipes at home, you can alter them to your liking and create a masterpiece of your own. For this recipe, you will be using a boxed cake mix, but you can always make your own simple vanilla cake from scratch if you wish to. Making the cake from the box makes this recipe much quicker than if you were to make your own cake from scratch. You could also make your own apple pie filling from scratch as well, but again, using the pre made canned apple pie filling for the recipe makes it much easier, so if you are short on time just take the easy way out.

This awesome caramel apple recipe comes to us from Life In The Lofthouse, a wonderful food blog website created by Holly Lofthouse, a wife and mother to three adorable kids, two girls and one boy. She has a ton of fabulous recipes up on her website that are all very family friendly and super easy to create at home, even with minimal culinary skills. She has a wide range of healthy recipes that are really tasty and wonderful indulgent recipes like this one. Holly started out her food blog in 2010 and says that it was a way for her to share her long loved recipes as well as try and share new ones. She finds cooking very therapeutic, which is something a lot of us can relate to! Try out this recipe and more on her website! Happy Cooking!

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