Caramel Pecan Bars

Pecan is considered as a nut since it looks like one. But the truth is, it is a fruit produced by the pecan tree that is native in the beautiful and culture-rich country of Mexico. Just in case you do not know, pecans are extremely nutritious. Yes, you read it right! You can get your healthy unsaturated fats, a high amount of protein, and manganese from these little guys. As a matter of fact, the pecan can be compared to walnuts for its high Omega 6 content. Pecans are worth incorporating to any dish or recipe that you are trying to make. But the question is, are you knowledgeable enough about those mouth watering recipes that have pecans as the main ingredient? If not, then I will introduce to you the Caramel Pecan Bars.

This delicious treat has a shortbread-like crust that may look weird compared to some other crusts. As a matter of fact, its crust looks like the result of improper mixing of flour, water, and some other ingredients. Even so, this does not mean that it will not be as delicious as you expect it to be. To make this crust, you will need a simple pressing action into your pan. The butter will spread out as it bakes and make everything in the crust stay intact like you are hoping for.

The toasted pecans on top of this treat will mesmerize you and anyone who happens to get a gander! If you love crunching down on nuts in your dessert, then this pecan bar will satisfy your mouth and tummy. What is even more interesting about it is the caramel sauce that is spread all over the pecans and the crust. This will make this delectable dish sweeter, providing you great snacking moments alone or with company.

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