Carrot Cake Brazil Style

Make a carrot cake Brazil style with this awesome cake recipe from Tastemade, shared on Recipe Chart's Facebook page. Now, this may not look like your regular carrot cake, but it could be fun to try a different version of carrot cake for a change. If you don't know how to make carrot cake, this recipe is a great one to try out since it is very simple and doesn't require a lot of the work that baking a regular carrot cake does. Usually, with a regular carrot cake recipes, you will take the carrots and grate them, leaving you with shredded carrots to use in your recipe. In these carrot cake recipes, you will also use spices like cinnamon and nutmeg to give the cake a nice spicy flavour to balance out the sweetness, which may be why people who don't particularly like sweet dessert recipes, like carrot cake. This recipe on the other hand, has you blend the carrots into a puree, making a nice creamy batter with no carrot pieces in it. The result is a cake with an even, light and fluffy consistency. The cake has a slight yellow colour to it, but it isn't bright orange like you may think it would be.

So why do we use vegetables in cake recipes anyway? Who ever thought of doing this? Well, in times of financial distress in the past, key items for baking cake recipes like sugar were harder to come by. So, this left the household baker with a problem if they wanted a sweet treat. But as we know, people are great innovators, thinking up the best solutions for common problems. People began using typical affordable vegetables as a replacement for the oil or the sugar in recipes, and carrots, since they were so naturally sweet, were used as an ingredient in cake. The carrot cake recipes evolved from there, adding more sugar in as well as the other yummy ingredients that make it taste so great. Other ingredients and variations we can see on the classic carrot cake include adding raisins or pineapple to your cake recipes for a touch more sweetness. Usually, a carrot cake icing will be a cream cheese icing that is made with cream cheese and sugar. It's the perfect flavour combination when added with the carrot cake, and tastes especially great if it is made into a layered cake where there are layers of cake and icing so you get a bit of cream cheese icing with every bite of cake.

For this particular recipe, there is another carrot cake icing that is used, that is not one you would expect. For this recipe, a chocolate icing recipe is used to top off the cake and it does look pretty delicious. Learning how to make carrot cake is so easy with the help of this awesome video from Tastemade, which they have done such a great job of showing each and every step with what is being added in, as well as the quantities of the ingredients. It can be very helpful to have a video of a new recipe you are trying out to see exactly how it is made to achieve the results you want. This carrot cake recipe would be fabulous to try out for someone's birthday, or for just a casual treat anytime of the week. Thank you to the folks at Tastemade for this great recipe for carrot cake Brazil style and than you to Recipe Chart, for sharing the video on Facebook so we can enjoy it. Be sure to check out more recipes on both of their Facebook pages.***

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