Casserole Recipe: Baked Potato Casserole

We can never get enough casserole in our home! Can your family? Especially in those winter months, when you just need that extra bit of comfort food to warm you from the inside out. And the ultimate comfort food? Why, cheese and potatoes, of course! And to satisfy that craving, we’ve got an awesome recipe for Baked Potato Casserole just for you! Oh, and this recipe doesn’t just come with potatoes and cheese. It comes with sour cream and, if you like, bacon and chives as well. This would be the perfect casserole for any occasion, but it can be particularly popular at potlucks and other large gatherings, where it can act as a side dish. It will not only feed a whole crowd, it’ll PLEASE a whole crowd too! Everyone will love it, young or old. This recipe serves up to 16 people, which is wonderful! With this much food, you can be assured there will be plenty for second helpings, especially if it is just acting as a side dish.

The history of the casserole is a rich and ancient one. Archaeological excavations have uncovered countless prehistoric clay “casserole” dishes used for cooking large amounts of food slowly. Perhaps we have a “casserole gene” that connects us to our ancestral lineages, because many of us sure seem to crave these meals once the weather starts to cool and the clans (family and community) begin to re-gather after summer vacations apart. It seems that casseroles were just made for feeding large numbers of people in a very soothing and reassuring kind of way. You don’t need a lot of food or money to create a yummy casserole; quite often you can use whatever you find in your fridge and pantry. It’s also possible for family and neighbours to combine the ingredients they have, co-creating a wondrous large meal together that can feed everyone heartily. Which is another reason why people love casseroles so much, because they are so simple and affordable to make! They offer a great way to use up and random ingredients you may have in the refrigerator, or in your pantry, which is a great way to minimize waste and make sure that we don't just throw away food, when there are many people who are going hungry.

This recipe comes to us from “12 Tomatoes”, a lovely on-line cooking magazine. They’ve got everything you could ever ask for over there, including some amazing desserts, so it’s definitely worth checking out. They don't just have great casserole recipes, they also have some other awesome dinner and appetizer recipes too! There are also some awesome tips that they share with their recipes so it's really over all a wonderful site to check back to every once in a while, or very regularly. You will totally want to book mark this site, or pin this recipe on Pintrest! So that you have it for the future! You will find so many ways to use the ingredients in your kitchen, and always have something that your family will love! Want the full recipe for Baked Potato Casserole? Then head on over to the “12 Tomatoes.” website by following the link in the description below!

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