Cats Eye Necklace

For cat worshippers out there, it is time to take your devotion to a whole new different level. *winks* What about a cat eye necklace? Good? ďAre you mad? Itís great! Tell me how I can have one!Ē *silence* Well, youíre not thinking about literally getting a catís eye, right? Sorry, but we do not want a free trip for two to prison. Itís not like that. Donít worry, I wonít leave you without telling more details about this cat eye necklace. Honestly, I love looking at their eyes Ė unfortunately, I canít hold them up forever just staring at it. This necklace would help, whoever made this, you got my 22 million thumbs up. *winks* *thumbs up*

The Cat Eye necklace is a handmade pendant. It is made of vintage bronze, and the purple cat eye seems to communicate with you. You can choose another color aside from vintage bronze Ė there is vintage copper, gunmetal, and silver. Well, this may sound ridiculous but I want to remind you that this isnít a real catís eye. It is a high-quality image ďwhich is then protected with smooth clear glass that beautifully enhances the artwork.Ē The pendant is one inch wide. Its chain has a length of 24Ē and can be shortened by request without any additional charges.

Would you like to hear the reviews for this beautiful necklace? Most of the reviews only say one thing: the necklace is absolutely beautiful! It has become the new favorite of some who have purchased the necklace. The pendant also has their eyes too. Super cute and beautiful Ė it truly is. *winks* One reviewer says that the photo shown on Etsyís website didnít do justice to the necklaceís beauty. Another one has wished to give more than five stars. *silence* I need to have this. Right this instant.

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