Celebrities Getting Angry Compilation (Watch Video)

Even though people put celebrities up on a pedestal thinking they are superhuman, they are still very much like everyone else. In this video, you can see celebrities getting angry just like the rest of us. Being angry is often looked down upon, in families, in entertainment and in society in general. People often attach a negative connotation to anger, and there's a lot of shame that goes along with it. As children, we're often told not to be angry, and that good children don't behave that way, which inevitably causes us to stuff our feelings and emotions and inhibit our true self-expression. Sometimes the anger can even begin to turn inward, and to feel shameful anytime you feel angry becomes the normal response. The truth is, anger is a valuable emotion, just like any other emotion, which are simply signals that try to get our attention. When we feel angry, it's the emotion trying to tell us that someone has crossed a boundary that is very important to us, our anger shows us what our values are and what we stand for. Of course, this is healthy anger, and there is unhealthy anger too which can be abusive and domineering, where people lose all self-control, and it's not okay. Like some of the clips, you'll see in this video from Red Sky's YouTube channel.

If you're into following celebrity recent news, you may have already seen or read about some of these incidents. Most of them have been posted up on celeb sites before and always make their way to Facebook and other forms of social media. News about famous people is pretty hot, it's like people idealize celebrities and can't wait to see what they're getting up to next and people especially love some good celebrity gossip or a good scandal. Sometimes celebrity sites will make up fake news about famous people just to get views and attention to their site, or to make some money, but this video features real live footage of celebrities getting mad. Mostly celebrities get angry with reporters who ask bizarre or out of line questions that they don't want to get into, which is pretty understandable. Having the spotlight on you 24/7 would get pretty tiring on its own, but then to have people questioning you non-stop would be pretty exhausting. Imagine having people want to know everything about you, your family and your personal life, it's pretty invasive, right?

So it's no wonder why some of the celebrities in this video get pretty fed up with all of the stupid questions and remarks from complete strangers. Celebrities like Justin Beiber and Paris Hilton just simply walked out of the room when they felt like a question was too prying or invasive, setting a strong boundary with the interviewer. Some of the celebrities got outright mad, swearing at the interviewers and saying some pretty nasty things, letting their anger get out of control. Then there are the celebs that get really angry at their fans at concerts which is just not okay. Especially Afro Man, when he punched a fan in the face for coming onto the stage while he was performing, which is pretty shocking. There are better ways of dealing with anger and setting boundaries than that. There's a lot of footage in this almost 50-minute video, showing that even celebrities lose their cool sometimes, and sometimes even more than regular people do. This is a video to watch when you have some time to kill. Red Sky also features celebrity impression videos, and feminist videos so check out some more on their YouTube channel.***

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