Charred Lemon Chicken Piccata

Looking for an awesome, new recipe that you can add to your weekly menu? Give this Charred Lemon Chicken Piccata recipe a shot for something new and exciting to serve up for dinner time. Lemons are just one of those super versatile foods that seem to add a little extra something to any recipe. Not only can they be used in savoury recipes like this Charred Lemon Chicken Piccata, but they are also great for sweet recipes like lemon pies, cakes and bars. Lemons are also really good for us, with tons of vitamin C in them, and so many detoxifying benefits as well. Lemons are very detoxifying for the liver, helping to regulate the processing of fats and sugars, to ensure an alkaline pH within the body. Maintaining alkalinity in the body is important to keep disease at bay, as well as to create a healthy environment for all bodily functions.

Piccata is a style of cooking meat where it is cut in a butterfly cut, so down the middle sideways, but not all the way through, so it makes a shape that looks like butterfly wings. It is then tenderized and made flatter by pounding the meat with a mallet or tenderizer, and then it is seasoned with herbs and spices as well as some oils. This particular chicken piccata recipe has salt, pepper, oregano, thyme, shallot, garlic, and parsley for garnish. The lemons are brought to life in this recipe by mixing them with sugar and garlic, and pan frying them with the chicken. The sauce is made from the butter and white wine with chicken stock and all of the herbs and then used for a sauce to put over the chicken. It might sound complicated, but it is not complicated at all.

This piccata recipe seems like it would have originated in Italy, but it originated in North America and was originally used mostly for veal. These days, people have chosen to use different meats like chicken, with the same concept for cooking it, with the broth sauce and with the lemons that give it so much flavour and tartness. The word piccata means larded, or to be cooked in fat. It was first introduced in the 1930s in North America as a hearty meal. People usually serve chicken piccata with rice, or pasta, or polenta. The Italian veal version is served as an entree after a more starchy dish like pasta. It is kind of similar to pasta primavera or chicken parmesan.

Doesn't the photo of it just make you want to try it for your next meal?! The other wonderful part about this chicken recipe is that it doesn't require a ton of ingredients. Most likely, the ingredients you need to make this recipe will already be in your pantry or refrigerator. You wouldn't even have to take a trip to the grocery store for this recipe! If you don't have white wine lying around, sometimes apple cider vinegar or cooking sherry is a great substitute, as they both have that wine like flavor to them. My Recipes website is full of amazing and simple recipes you can try out any day of the week and any time of year. They have a recipe to suit everyone on their website. Most of their recipes are made using fresh and natural ingredients and not too many preservatives, so you and your family can be happy and healthy. Try out this awesome Charred Lemon Chicken Piccata recipe the next time you are hosting a dinner party or for your family sometime in the near future. They will be so glad you did! Enjoy and share!

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